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Surgery Halted (Update 9 Sept 2021)
Update posted by Armida Bongon On Sep 09

Yesterday's hip replacement surgery was halted because Donna's right leg is too broken to support the hip apparatus. The implant originally intended for her broken left femur was now slated to be used for her right leg, but the operation cannot proceed because of further complications. Donna needed 2 bags of blood to stabilize her condition.

Her cardiologist confirms that Donna went into cardiac arrest earlier and had to be defibrillated. She needed to be sedated afterwards to protect her heart. She is in need of dialysis again to decongest her body from the fluids used to stabilize her.

She has woken up this morning, and even with her being intubated, looked for her family.

Earlier this afternoon two attempts at dialysis were made by her doctors, but both attempts were terminated because her blood pressure is dropping. Donna is now back in the ICU, awake but in stupor.

Please continue to pray for her condition to stabilize. Thank you.

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