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Anant Situation
Update posted by shishir Anik On Aug 28

The bone marrow transplant has not been scheduled yet because we are still searching for a suitable donor. Anant underwent ATG a month and a half ago and the doctors are monitoring Anant's vitals through it. We have moved closer to the hospital and rented out a flat. He is currently on medication. We take him for check-ups every 3 days depending on his condition. As of now, he is stable but his condition is unpredictable. He is undergoing multiple problems- he has developed rashes, fever, and bleeding. His body aches and mouth is sore which restricts food intake. Anant requires frequent blood and platelet transfusions. He is 20 years old and weighs 86 kg. He is undergoing treatment at Fortis Hospital and Dr. Rahul Bhargava is looking at his case

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