Updates on Eric’s Brain Surgery Fund

June 10, 2021 update
Update posted by Bernard Alejandro Chua Chun On Jun 10

A big thank you to those who have donated! May you all be blessed by our God almighty!

Eric is currently in recovery and is able to move, though he still needs meds which amount to roughly P10,000 per day. He is tentatively scheduled for discharge and home recovery on Monday, June 14. However, he and his family still need funding to be able to settle the remaining and coming bills. We have collected about PHP300,000 (roughly USD6,000) to date, but that amount will only cover about half of the expenses for the surgery alone. Eric will still need an estimated PHP450,000 (about USD9,000) to be able to settle the rest of the doctor's fees and surgery expenses, as well as the ICU and other hospital charges. As such, we continue to knock at the doors your generous hearts for support.

Again, thank you and God bless you all!

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