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Leaflets for healthcare settings
Update posted by The Worst Girl Gang Ever On May 16

We are incredibly passionate about raising awareness and opening up conversations about miscarriage and pregnancy loss. We have a great network on social media but we are so aware that not everyone hangs out there.

We hate to think of people going through the devastating loss of a baby and not knowing about the wonderful gang of warriors waiting to support them here at TWGGE.

There is information provided by the healthcare professionals and hospital trusts to those going through loss. However we know firsthand that there is something lacking in the support that is offered. It’s the peer support, and that is what we have in abundance.

This is why our first fundraising campaign will be to be able to provide leaflets to every clinical area where someone might receive bad news. This will include early pregnancy units, gynaecology ultrasound departments, fetal assessment units, and much more. We’ll start in the UK and hope to branch out further afield if we are able to raise the funds.

Please donate if you can and support by sharing. It is so appreciated. Thank you ☺️☺️

Also, if anyone is able to help out with providing contacts in these clinical areas it would make the distribution much simpler. Please get in touch via email - [email protected] and start the subject heading with LEAFLETS.

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