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Day 7 & 8
Update posted by Orvas Anca On Feb 22

During these days we were very happy, because Lisa seems better and better! She plays a little, eats so much and lies next to us all the time! Sophie, our other cat, thought she can play now and she tried to jump on her, but Lisa doesn’t have the necessary strength yet. Despide all this, I think there are some really good signs for now and maybe one day Lisa’s going to win again their cat fights! Lisa shows a lot of love and wants to get pets even from me ( she always liked my boyfriend better because they had a connection since she was a baby!)She knows we love her! If only she knew how many people are rooting for her...

We finally got the blood test’ results, the next set will be in 6 weeks from now. I’ll attach here everything and if you know how to read them, you can tell me what you think! Our vet told us they are acceptable for now. We’re looking forward to what the future holds!

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