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Update posted by Cherry Viel Laud On Feb 11

January 28, 2021, we were discharged from the hospital. We were given take home meds and were advised to have a follow up check up by February 2.

We stayed at home and continue taking her prescribed medicines. My mom is doing her best to stay strong as she could. There were times that she can eat well but there were times that she can't even eat a spoon of rice. She followed the doctor's instructions to eat food with high calories like ice cream and leche flan. She really did her best to eat every food that we served but there were really times that she doesn't have an appetite.

February 6, when I noticed that there were no more fluid draining on her pigtail. I called her Oncologist right away and we were advised to visit his clinic on February 8 to have it checked. We went to visit his Oncologist and we were advised to go to the E.R to have it checked by the Surgeon. The Surgeon said that there is nothing wrong with the Pigtail so we went home. When we arrived home, my mom started complaining that she feel cold and very hungry but she doesn't have an appetite. She really look weak so I contacted her Oncologist and we were advised to bring her to the hospital right away and have her admitted.

February 8, 2020. We were admitted again.. It was found out that my mom had Hypoglycemia and the infection spread on her lungs. My mom started to get drowsy and not responding much when we talk to her. The doctor really did his best so that she will not fall asleep but my mom is really getting drowsy. So they decided to intubate her and have her breathing supported by a ventilator.

Right now we are still in the Emergency Room and my mom is in critical condition but she is still fighting. We are still fighting. So, I continue to ask for the help of everyone to keep this campaign active by continuously sharing this to all the people you know. Just by simply sharing would mean a lot to our mom's life. And to those who are capable of sharing any amount, WE THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

No matter how big or small, every bit of donation will be a huge help. Also, please include her in your prayers. Help us to win this fight. Thank you very much and may God bless you all.

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