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We Need To See An Oncologist
Update posted by Cherry Viel Laud On Jan 19

December, 2020: Two weeks after, we received the Cytology Report and went directly to her Pulmonologist's clinic. The doctor said that the Cytology Report could not commit if the cells found is Malignant or not. Since she have nodules on her lungs, though the report could not commit for Malignancy, her pulmonologist advised us to visit an oncologist.

A week after we received the Cytology Report, my mom's left arm and breast started swelling and had rashes all over her body, so we decided to see an Oncologist.

Dec. 23, 2020, exactly 1 month right after her last admission, we went to see an Oncologist. The Oncologist noticed that my mom is having difficulty of breathing so he requested for a chest x-ray. On the x-ray film, we can no longer see my mom's left lung, it was all covered with pleural fluid. The Oncologist then requested my mom to be admitted and remove the fluid before he can work up my mom's condition. He also requested for a Breast Elastogram.

That same day, I contacted my mom's Pulmonologist and tell everything that happened so he could contact the hospital for the admission. Due to this pademic, admission in the hospitals is not easy. You need to have a doctor affilliated on that hospital. You need to have a referral. You need to undergo swab test and be negative before you can be treated.

Dec. 24, 2020, as soon as swab test result turned negative, the pulmonologist then requsted to schedule another Ultrasound Guided Thoracentesis. That same day, the procedure was done and they were able to get 1.2L of pleural fluid. Right after the UGT, they requested for a Chest X-ray. Even after the UGT, the x-ray is still not showing a good result. 3/4 of her lungs is still filled with fluid even after getting 1.2L out of it. The doctors suggested for a PigTail but we did not agreed so they decided to schedule for another UGT before they can discharge us. Another 1.1L of pleural fluid was taken last Dec. 28, 2020.

A day after her UGT, we were discharged and went directly to another hospital for Breast Elastogram beacause it is not available on the hospital where we are admitted. As soon as the result came out, I forwarded it right away to her oncologist and we were advised that there's nothing to worry on the result instead we should be more worried about the fuid on her lungs as it is starting to accumulate again. The oncologist could not give her a proper treatment since he could not see malignacy even on one of her test results. He suggested for a PigTail to totally drain the fluid so they could biopsy the nodules on her lungs.

We asked our Oncologist if he could refer us to another Pulmonologist who can possibly do a Bronchoscopy. As we enter the Pulmonologist's clinic, he noticed right away my mom's eye and asked if she has thyroid problem. I could not answer, I look at my mom and ask her because I really had no idea...

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