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Update 2 - 211120: OFFICIAL Video Update (Monday, 12pm)
Update posted by Rishi Kz On Nov 21

There's been TONS of rumours flying around with people saying things like "Rishi definitely have just flew away with the money" & they seem to be building a very imaginative world of their own for some reason. I mean... It's okay to hate but they're being a little too "fairytale" like which is pretty funny to me tbh.

To my backers - Legal discussions are ongoing & I am taking advice accordingly. Also, just to debunk some of these weird stories which are out there - Not a single cent has been touched from this fund.

I will take you guys into Stripe's backend breaking down every single aspect of the fund, speak in terms of the videos & the current happenings on my end!

Monday, 12pm, I will make an individual update post with the link to the video on Youtube. Thank you guys for your patience & sending in messages of support! Cheers!

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