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Here's The Intro Piece To Be Printed In The Paper
Update posted by Shawn Jason On Nov 19
This is the intro piece to be printed in the paper. I'm sharing this now to give everyone a better view on the purpose and direction of this paper. Thank you all for your love and support. It coming together. We're coming together. Let's do this!


In a world where nothing is as it seems, finding truth can be a daunting task. Here at DRUTHERS we are dedicated to sifting through the misinformation to uncover what is really going on in this world.

NOTICE: Nothing in this paper should be taken as 100% fact. Just as things in the mainstream news should not be taken as 100% fact. The topics presented and explored here are intended to encourage you to dig in more deeply and learn more for yourself. We promise to always present our views and findings honestly, but we are not the arbiters of truth. We are explorers of truth and we share what we discover.

2020 has made one thing very clear, the mainstream news is not telling us truth. This is deeply concerning to us and it should be concerning to everyone. Deeply!

Add to that, the big tech giants are admittedly censoring & deleting anything which questions the official story as told by the W.H.O., including 10’s of thousands of doctors, scientists & other health experts from all around the world who are ringing the alarm about extreme government overreach and the devastating effects of the ‘safety measures’ implemented all around the world this year. Canada included.

This is the motivation for the DRUTHERS. We aim to give people the opportunity to explore alternate perspectives in hopes of nudging people into questioning things more deeply. For one thing is certain… reality is very much different than what is being presented to us. We must see bigger.

Please read through this paper. Take notes on various topics you would like to explore further. Use a search engine like qwant.com or duckduckgo.com rather that the big G. They will give you more honest search results.

We truly love and care for all of humanity. That includes you. Please join us in asking the hard questions that the media are not. Join us in our mission for truth.

Follow druthers.net for much more alternative news, information & commentary and join a fast growing community of people in Canada who are standing up to take back our power. There, you can also ensure you receive a copy of the next issue of this paper by having it mailed to you.

Oh, and remember to pass this paper on to someone else when you are finished. Thank you.

With love & blessings,

Shawn Jason (Creator of Druthers.net)

P.S. DRUTHERS is an old word meaning quite simply, FREE CHOICE.

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