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Update posted by Monica Lama On Nov 07

Today marks ten days since my cousins accident, and it goes without saying that it has been a difficult week full of worry and sleepless nights. However, the overwhelming support received from all of you has made this week a tad easier, and I’ll be forever grateful to all of you for this.

Currently, my sister has regained consciousness and although not yet fully aware of her surroundings, she is showing signs of improvement. Her brain trauma level has lowered, her ruptured lungs is almost healed, and once there’s more stability, she’ll be having surgeries for her fractures.

This is just the beginning of a journey which will include months or years of treatment and therapy, but the support from all of you during this time has been unimaginable. I started the fundraising campaign in order to support my family during this tough time - and although the medical bills are going to be enormous, every contribution has helped and made a difference!

I will keep you all updated with the happenings; and meanwhile, humbly request you all to keep supporting us and praying for my sister’s speedy recovery.

Thank you all once again 🙏🏼

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