Updates on Ma. Theresa K. Andres _ Medical assistance

Waiting for a slot in Philippine General Hospital
Update posted by Terilyn Andres On Nov 12

We are currently waiting for a slot at Philippine General Hospital.

The doctor found cancer in her right kidney and Aster Al ghusais hospital doesn’t have an oncologist specialized on this.

They gave me 2 options:

1. To bring her in Abu Dhabi Tawam Hospital, which is another emirate of UAE 🇦🇪

2. To send her back to Manila, Philippines 🇵🇭

I choose the 2nd option for my family to get the chance to see and take care of her as well.

Praying for the air flight ✈️ of Ma. Theresa K. Andres to be successful and to get the Hospital 🏥 slot soon🙏

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