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The plan
Update posted by Jennifer Feliz On Oct 19

So this is our story: I met my boyfriend in January this year, by accident, at our favorite spot in the city and became friends the same night we met. Since then we haven’t spent one day apart from eachother's side. What made me fall in love with him was his joy and honesty, he is is somebody that you can’t get enough of from the minute you meet him. It hurts me that we started dating when we can’t do much couple activities, but we’ve managed to make everything special like our runs to the supermarket our little getaways to another city. September we started living together and it’s been amazing, it was just a confirmation that we are meant for eachother and has us having wedding conversations, which we honestly started a couple of months after we started dating. At this moment I am unemployed due to covid and had been living on my savings Until shortly before we moved together. This whole experience That we’ve had reassures me that he is the partner that I want for the rest of my life, and I want to show him so by giving him a promise ring that says that I can’t wait to take become his wife when we’re in a better situation. I have everything figured out: it’s going to be a romantic tent dinner on our rooftop with Christmas lights. I’m making a special dinner for him with dessert included, which I’ll spend all day preparing while he is at work. So far I have everything figured out, I’m just missing a few minimal things like ikea baby candles and the cooking ingredients. If you want to know more about our story or want pictures and videos of the before/during/ after of my little surprise leave me a message so I can get in touch and send you the media ( I am dying to share this with somebody that is not him or my friends, I feel like I’m going to explode xD). I would’ve just put a lower amount but the platform requires a 250 minimum to raise. Anything you can give helps, and even if you don’t want to receive all the media regarding this little date plan, please leave a contact like IG or e-mail so I can send you “Thank you” pictures of us after I give him the ring

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