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Justice for my dad - killed by medical malpractice
Update posted by Roman Alexandru On Sep 20

All the story started on 26 january 2020 when my mom called the ambulance for my dad - 58 years old, because he though that is a little sick because of cold weather.The ambulance arrived at 9 am and decided to take my dad to a hospital for more investigation because he was diabetic too.

There, after a set of analysis and at 2 pm, decided to transfer him to the Emergency hospital of Bucharest – Romania.

At this hospital all the doctors from the entrance start saying “it’s not my business” or “I don’t care about him because I’m doing anther things”, even he present several health transformation like yellow skin, 280 diabetical glycemia, or high pulse, and even he came there with high priority by the ambulance.

After my mom insist, around 4pm, after 2 hours of waiting, they decided to take care of him and to hospitalized, but whitout ask about a second phone number or another way to communicate with the family if anything will happened.

Next day, my mom and my brother wanted to visit him because he didn’t answer at his phone, and around 12am, during the visit program, a medic decides to tell them that my dad dies one night before at 10pm. So 12-14 hours nobody call us to tell this tragedy, police neither, nothing!

They said that was a complication and they didn’t could anything for him, but after the funerals we visit again the medic from the Emergency hospital for more details and he was open to show us my dad’s medical list.

Once this electronic list opened he exclaims “Ooohh!! He came with a diagnostic!!! I can't belive!!!”.

Yes, he came with the diagnostic very clear and just for an ordinarry operation situation from the first hospital: cholecystitis - which blocked all the body to respond to all the medical resurrection.

From that date till now, we – the family, sent all the notice to all the Romanian authorities, the justice admits that there was a huge manslaughter, like they exprimed in a mail for us, but we will need to pay and support all this long way for justice.

For the lawyers and for the taxes we will need 15.000 Euro more and we have all the proofs to demonstrate that the sistem killed him by indefference and medical corruption.

With all of this pain, my dad’s niece - my borther's daughter, was borned on 24 may 2020 but he will never see her even he told to anyone before that “he will go to special school for grandfathers to be the best grandpa”.

On 14 september we should made him surprises for 59 years old, but the medical sistem decides it's enough for him.

For all of you which just read or will support our painfull story, thank you a lot and I hope you enjoy every single second near your special parents and beloved ones!

God bless you all!

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