Updates on Toby’s Medical Expenses

Update posted by Samantha Webster On Sep 03

Toby came home from the vet today! I was worried he would have to spend a 3rd night there, but here we are. I am closely monitoring his behavior, from what/how much he eats/if he can keep it down, to when/if he has a bowel movement, and some other specifics.

The veterinarian told me today that we are able to put off surgery for now; we'll see where these new lifestyle changes lead us, and hope that we can put it off forever. She explained to me that the surgery is very risky, so I'm going to do everything I possibly can to avoid it.

The money that has been raised for him was put towards his vet bill, which consisted of 1 day and 2 nights of hospitalization, 4 enemas, specialty food, and various IVs and medications. The total for this visit came to 1,012.88. The donations that have been coming in have made a WORLD of difference. It is the thing that has allowed me to give Toby the care that he needs. I cannot thank everybody enough for this.

Of course, I will continue to update regularly. Thank you everyone <3


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