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Why do we need your support so desperately?
Update posted by Jacqueline Barros On Apr 28

Throughout the years, abandoned, abused and terminally ill cats have found in our Sanctuary a true forever home. Over the last couple of years, some of them lost their battle with Leukemia while others succumbed to Cancer, Lymphoma, heart disease and kidney failure. Without the Sanctuary they'd have died on the streets.

Among the current Sanctuary residents, and in quite good health, there are still three FeLV+ rescues: Negrita(13), Bella(8) and Maya (6). They have been in the Sanctuary for 5+ years. These poor souls, as well as the other non-FeLV rescues, will have nowhere to go if our Cat Sanctuary closes down due to lack of funds.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown started, we have not been able to make a living and we're getting fewer and fewer donations. As long the state of the emergency continues our financial situation keeps getting worse and it will take us a long time to be somewhat financially stable again. Please HELP US!

Negrita (13) FeLV+

Bella (8) FeLV+

Maya (6) FeLV+

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