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Update posted by Ivana Brkljacic On Apr 18

Dear All,

The campaign has ended and we are taking this opportunity to thank all of our donors for their contribution to help the earthquake relief for the city of Zagreb.

Big thanks to all athletes, sports organizations, fans and friends of Zagreb and Croatia who decided to offer a helping hand to our city in need, despite facing problems of their own.

Zagreb is facing a difficult period in which the rebuilding of the city will start, but knowing that there are so many people who thought of Zagreb and decided to help is a thought that will keep all of us motivated and ready to start again.

A lot was done in the past few weeks ad donations were also received offline. We are taking this opportunity to thank Japan's Uniqlo Co., Ltd. for their donation of goods- protective masks and clothing for families who lost their homes in the earthquake and are currently being housed in the Zagreb student dorm facilities.

Thank you once again, you've shown a big heart and your help will help build homes of people of Zagreb.

We will be letting you know once we receive the funds from GoGetFunding and forward them to the official bank account opened for Zagreb by the Government of Croatia.

Until then,

We are sending our love and thanks!

Blanka, Iva & Ivana

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