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Grow Our Urban Co-op Update
Update posted by Geraldine Fitzpatrick On Mar 05

What we have achieved to date with your help and what we are going to do next

Grow Our Urban Co-op Update


Greetings from The Urban Co-op amidst the Covid pandemic time! It has been challenging for us all as we faced into the great unknown two months ago! We are only getting to update now..! We celebrated having music in our last update and boy were we glad to have it when the tempo increased sharply! Panic buying and stock supply worries have settled into a full on routine of 7 day retail for wholesome nourishing food. Our footfall has increased 60%! This has meant extra stock, extra staff and a lot of leg work! But what a dedicated team we have and we are more than proud of their resilience shown in this crisis. Your support means alot to keep us all going as we aim to improve this community grocery every week. It is proving to be a calm fruitful place to shop in this crisis and a welcome relief for many. We are glad to help!

Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Update posted by May 27

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