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Raise fund for our Father
Update posted by Lingcong Jenalyn On Jan 26
He is our father Honorato Lingcong, 58 years old. He suferred a hemorraghic stroke last dec 28 2019. He was admitted in the ICU for 2 weeks. We almost lost our father during those 3 days of being commatose. He undergone tracheostomy last january 11 wherein he they put a trache on his neck. He was already trasferred on a private room but still havent recovered. Our bill is growing and we cant afford to buy his medicine anymore. We are asking for your help to raise fund for our father's hospital bill. He's still in Perpetual Help Medical Center. Stroke attack is very fatal so we didnt have any choice but to bring him to the nearest hospital as fast as we could. Oir hospital bill is 1M now and still growing.. We are very grateful to any amount youll donate for our father. Sincerely your Jenalyn Lingcong
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