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An Update From the Field #2
Update posted by Dr Kae Kawanishi On Jan 30

Thank you to those who contributed recently!

The community rangers attended a 2-day workshop on how to identify and disarm snares by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks or PERHILITAN. In this workshop, PERHILITAN shared the different types of snares encountered by their snare experts over the years, different types of trigger mechanisms and the aim of each snaring technique.The rangers were also out in the field and were given the chance to disarm active snares set up as dummies by PERHILITAN. This hands-on practice is aimed to provide the community rangers with the confidence to disarm snares safely while they are on patrol. The rangers were taught on the safety procedures when encountering active snares as well as clues to identify who may have set up the snare.

All in all, it was an informative session thanks to PERHILITAN. Everyone was indeed very happy and lots of laughter and smiles were shared in the 2-day workshop! We hope to provide the rangers with more training in the near future to constantly improve our patrols.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

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