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Directors Update July 2020
Update posted by Anel Martin On Jul 03

2020 Director's Update

While 2019 seems to be a distant memory, we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for:

Charlotte completed her final year of a BA (Bachelor in Business Administration) Degree and secured full time employment at IIE MSA (a tertiary education institution) as a Customer Relations Officer. The determination she showed in her bursary application interview has and will continue to stand her in good stead going forward and it is a privilege to have Charlotte in the Isipho family. We extend our deepest appreciation to her sponsors / Isipho Angels, Craig Bouchard (Chairman and CEO) and Julie Kavanaugh (Chief of Staff Administration) – Braidy Industries, Katherine Sanchez and Alex & Veronica Cochran.

Tidimalo qualified with a Higher Certificate in Office Administration (our sincere gratitude to Secretary.It for being Tidi’s 2019 Isipho Angel) She has elected to continue her studies as she strives to follow in Charlotte’s footsteps and complete a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. This is going to be a long road … Tidi will need to study part time so that she can work simultaneously to support her family. The directors and mentors are confident that Tidi will succeed based on the exemplary work ethic and total dedication demonstrated to her studies during 2019.

Kgosithabile (Kgosi) Komsana, the first male recipient of an Isipho bursary, sadly missed out on one subject to obtain his qualification but thankfully, managed to secure employment as an Office Manager / HR Assistant while he continues to study. We continue to monitor Kgosi’s progress with great interest. The financial support from the Shaw-Brown Scholarship for Aspiring Admins was undoubtedly the catalyst that Kgosi needed to place him on the road to success and we are profoundly grateful that they joined our band of Isipho Angels.

We also celebrate the tenacity of one of our 2018 bursary recipients, Fatima Utsulo. Fatima displayed dedication and commitment to her studies but unfortunately came up short at the end of 2018. However, she was determined to qualify, pushed through the final hurdle during 2019 and is now an immensely proud graduate with a Higher Certificate in Office Administration. Thank you Fatima, for reinforcing the lesson that it is okay to fail provided you do not give up!!

No sooner had 2020 started with our new bursary students fresh faced and eager, when the world ground to a halt as a result of COVID-19. Like everyone around the world, we urged our students to stay safe. Each of them was issued with a laptop for the duration of their studies so thankfully, continue with online work provided by the college. We have really had to stretch our budget during this difficult time to provide them with additional data, PPE as well as a little grocery money, but as we are committed to the success and safety of all our charges, we felt the additional expense was not negotiable. We look forward to the day when we can meet with them face to face again, give them hugs and show them in person how much we are routing for them. Weleminah Tshabalala, Sphiwe Mtsheweni and Charlene Hector welcome to the Isipho family and Tidimalo Mokgatle, welcome back 😊

The Isipho Bursary is now well into its 5th year and with hearts full of gratitude, we thank everyone for their support. Isiho’s intention is clear, our commitment unwavering and our success is yours … the donations we get from the global community, PAs and businesses, sustains this initiative and supports our goal of making a difference, one life at a time.

Warm regards

Directors : Isipho Admin Bursary

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