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Update: Ma'am Cecile at CGH undergoing radiation therapy
Update posted by Cielito Dapula On May 21

We will never lose hope. Habang may buhay, may pag-asa.

Oct 2019 when my mom was diagnosed to have a metastatic adenocarcinoma. A year before, she has already been complaining of pain on her right leg. She was admitted four times to different hospitals but left us with no answer. Unknowingly, the 200k we spent for hospitals bills, lab procedures etc was only a start of a bigger battle.

It was confirmed that the tumor is cancer after series of tests done in Chinese Gen Hospital. Mama underwent chemotherapy from Oct 2019 - Feb 2020. Her treatment was no joke. Mama had to endure the 16-hour travel from Guinayangan to Manila and vice versa just to complete a cycle. The full cycle costs us 1.080M (6cycles,180k/cycle). Unfortunately, even after finishing the entire cycle, the tumor recurred. Because of this, she was advised to undergo another treatment - a radiation therapy with 18 fractions.

As of this moment, mama is still at CGH — hoping to finish the 18 fractions of radiation despite the compromised immune system. Her hemoglobin dropped to 44 and platelet to 25 after the 7th - a very critical figure for a person undergoing the treatment.

Today, May 22, is her 22nd day at CGH. The running hospital bill now is roughly 250k. After the radiation, once the tumor becomes operable, she will undergo another procedure which will cost 350k as estimated by her surgeon.

My mama is fighting. I can see it in her eyes. She won’t give up. No matter how difficult and challenging the situation may be, I know God will heal her. Mama may have surpassed the initial stage but she needs to continue with the new treatment to fully recover. Please help us ensure that all her efforts will not go to waste.

We are currently raising funds for her to complete the 18 fractions of radiation and finally proceed to the operation. My mother and our family would greatly appreciate any amount of contribution. Kapag kayo naman po ang nangailangan ng tulong ay hindi po kami magdadalawang isip na ibalik ang tulong na inyong ibinigay.

I am her first born and will take care of all the donations given. Please do contact us here or in facebook <https://web.facebook.com/cielito.pedregal>

If possible, we recommend direct bank deposits/online fund transfers to avoid additional paypal charges.

Paymaya || Account Name: Cielito P. Dapula II Account No: 0928-520-9019

BDO || Account Name: Cielito P. Dapula II Account No: 011-420-074-057

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Maraming maraming salamat po. 🙏🏼
May God Bless you more!

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