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Update on Stella's condition
Update posted by Jessica Jessica On Nov 02

Thank you all sincerely for helping me give Stella a better life. I have been paying out of pocket for her care so your contributions are really helpful. Stella's progress has been slow. She's been in the hospital for a month and she was supposed to be released this week. However, the vet informed me yesterday that her blood work still shows anemia and parasites despite a month of medication. He wants to keep her there another month to monitor her blood. He won't perform the surgery on her hip until her blood shows that she's strong enough for it. I'm happy that she'll stay in the hospital because I still haven't found a permanent home for her and at the vet she's at least safe, fed and cared for. It's a huge improvement to life on the streets. I'll update in a few weeks with her progress. xo


I’ve increased the fundraising amount to reflect the additional month in the hospital.

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