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September 29th, 2019
Update posted by Naqiuyah Tan On Sep 29

"Too gullible to trust strangers too dumb to realize"

Being a research scholar who only makes ~360 USD (RM1500), although I am fully aware of how it is too difficult to survive with such amount of money in a month, this little voice in my head told me to spend on myself since I have never done it for the past two years. HAHA guess what? I thought lets buy a new phone! Oh wait I could not afford to buy a NEW phone, so I decided to buy a used one. God knows best, He wants me to learn the hard way I guess, I got scammed by an online seller who really seemed convincing. I should have trusted my guts. But what happened, happened, sadly. So there goes my one month survival "kit" of RM1010 (240 USD). Oh well, but I actually wished the scammer that SHE would change in future and wish her the best. Even after all these unfortunate events, I would still want to be positive.

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