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Last August 18, 2018 my wife gave birth to our son Judas Thaddaeus.
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I was laying on the hospital bed when the nurse handed me a healthy baby with his head tilted and congratulated me for having a son.

My wife and I were so happy because she had a tough time during her pregnancy due to cyst on her ovaries that causes massive bleeding every now and then.

3 days after, we went home to our tiny little place and started a new chapter of our lives together with his big sister.

A few months went by then we started to notice that his weight became stagnant so we've decided to see a doctor and we were advised to give him food supplements to manage his weight. We also noticed that his eyes were shaking a bit and one of his doctor asked us to see an ophthalmologist.

Last June 28, he started vomiting so we went to the hospital and he was diagnosed with a viral infection inside his stomach. We were sent home after a few days but we noticed that he was always sleeping and only making minimal interaction with us. We went back to the hospital due to dehydration and was given a different diagnosis which is functional constipation with upper respiratory trac infection and was sent back home.

He was on the same condition for the next 2 weeks and we were so alarmed because he was so weak and restless so we've decided to see a different doctor.

His new doctor noticed that his head was larger than the average which we tought that was caused by him being under weight. We were sent to the emergency room for some tests and was advised to be admitted for the 3rd time.

A few tests were made and one of it was a head ultrasound. The tech placed the apparatus in head and paused after a few minutes. Then we were advised that he needs to have an MRI for a better visuals of his brain. One of the senior doctors came and asked us to transfer in a Pediatric ICU because of the suspected mass in his head.

The next day, he had his MRI and we were told that there is a lot of excess fluid in his head which is hydrocephalus that was caused by a tumor. The tumor is blocking the normal flow of fluid that needs to be disposed that's causing his head to swell and block his vision. We were also told by his neurological doctor that there is an immediate need for them to install a VP shunt to drain those fluids.

Our world stopped, my wife and I cant seem to find the words to comfort each other, I can't even stand from where I was sitting and the only thing that we could do was to cry. Our hearts were broken into pieces and that was the most painful thing that I have felt in my 31 years of existence.

The next day, the neuro surgeon inserted the VP shunt to address the fluid in his brain. We were told that the operation will only take 1 hour but it lasted for 3, that was the longest 3 hours of our lives. We were told that his vitals were stable before, during and after the operation which was good news for us.

His head circumference went down to 49cm from 50cm the day after the surgery. He is now responding better. His pupils reacts to light. He now needs to regain his strength and be stronger to be prepared for a major operation, hopefully in about two weeks but we are out of resources and badly needs anyone's help financially in order for the tumor to be removed in his head, for him to continue living and hopefully to live normal.

We are currently in desperate need for your financial help.


You can also send your donations directly to my BDO or BPI account.


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