Updates on Skiathos Around the Island Swim

Day 4
Update posted by Raymond Morris On Sep 13

This was an incredible day for Ray, he said the water and weather conditions were not perfect but far better than Wednesday so he just kept going to cover as many kilometers as he could.

Thursday 12th September
From Aselinos Bay to Nikotsara = 9 km
Time taken: 6 hours, 20 minutes
Wind Direction: N/E 3 Beaufort
Total Arm Strokes: 9,460
Total Leg Kicks: 37.840
Calories Burnt: 5,992

Day 5 - has been postponed due to the weather today and over the weekend.. So,the last leg of the swim challenge will take place on Monday, 16th September. I will update timings and give an estimate of the finish time by Sunday.

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