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Update posted by Raymond Morris On Aug 31

Today is 31st August. As my Swim Challenge gets nearer, only eight days away, I just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed so far but also to reiterate that this is my own personal challenge which I thought seemed a great opportunity to raise much needed funds for the cat and dog charities on Skiathos.

I have received a great deal of support so far, but also a few shall we say sceptical almost negative comments as well, suggesting I am perhaps being over ambitious. So, I have listed here a few answers to some of the most asked questions regarding my swim.

1. I have been swimming almost every day for about 18 months now, including during the winter months. My current swim sessions are between one and four hours a day. To swim the north side of island is the biggest challenge and of course I am more than aware that it depends on the sea state and wind speed that the Greek Gods throw at me. But, let's hope Poseidon is one of my backers!

2. I do not intend to complete the swim in one day! It will take a minimum of five days, but should it take longer then that's OK too.

3. I will have a safety boat alongside me for the whole duration of my swim. And I always tow a bright orange safety float and wear a bright orange swim cap so that I can be seen in the water.

4. If I don't reach my target goal of 2000 euros, then whatever amount is raised will be split between the two charities.

5. The Coastguard will guide me through the two harbours in Skiathos town stopping any sea traffic as necessary (hopefully not the Skiathos Express!).

Thanks again to everyone for their lovely and supportive comments so far.


What’s the point in a personal challenge if you don’t aim high ?? Success or failure is not the issue - having the guts to do it is !! Good luck Ray from all your positive supporters xx

Anne Siviter

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