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RE: Butchie's Battle Journey
Update posted by Annalyn Manuel On Jun 14

Last May 11, 2019 I was able to collect the Immunohistochemistry of my brother from NKTI Medical Laboratory These tests include the following: CD30, CD20, PAX-5, CD3, CD15, and ALK. The Doctor who is in-charge of him at Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital has seen the results. On the same day, my brother was scheduled to go for ultrasound that would served as a guide for the Doctors to know which part of his lungs and stomach has water. Since then, he was administered with dextrose which acts as his food. Yesterday, I received a good feedback from our younger brother who accompanied him. His beriberi starting from his feet up to his leg has lessen and the colour of his face has become a bit brighten compared to his pale face a few days ago.Now, we are waiting for the Doctor's advise for the schedule of draining water from his lungs and stomach before he undergo for chemotheraphy. Please continue to include my brother's healing in your prayers. Thank you.

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