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I get by day after day
Update posted by Carla Jane Amoguis On Jun 18

Heavens showered us with angels of help in different forms. Indeed God moves in mysterious ways! We never imagined that people can go beyond their means just to help my sister Analee. As you can see, she is enjoying her time taking care of the kids, grow with and smile with them each day. This is a good sign that she is willing endure all the pain just to be with her family.

Every milestone counts and every smile makes her stronger every day. She will continue to get by and I know she will do everything just to be with them so she can watch her kids grow. Amazing indeed! To date, she continuously does her hemodialysis atleast twice a week. Sometimes, she does it trice if she feels that she is unable to breathe because of water getting into her lungs.

The work up continuous and she will have another nephro visit (NKTI) in July to see some results. Psychological tests are also being done to prepare and make sure that both Dave and Ana are ready for their upcoming transplant. Thank you all for your help and prayers. We will forever be grateful for all the help from our friends, colleagues (VISA, EFCO, ETON, CWT, WEST/ALORICA). THANK YOU GOD for these generous people!

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