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One week! THANK YOU!
Update posted by Rowena Santos On Jun 19

ONE WEEK AGO, today, Sonia was finally discharged from the hospital. It's been generally good, though we haven't gotten our patterns down pat. Well, she does get her meals at specific hours of the day--five times, every four hours, starting at 5:30am. There are good days, and there are days that are a little bit more challenging, befuddling, and tiring. Today, she refused to get up for her 5:30 pm meal because she was so tired from being woken up and moved to a chair just to be fed through her PEG tube. (And, no, she does not want to get a hospital bed. We asked.)

We're all still tired and sleepy. It's one of those situations when you wonder if things are ever going to improve some more, or if this is as far as it goes. We will just have to trust that things will stabilize and will all get better.

ONE DAY TO GO before the campaign, Sonia's Medical Fund, ends. Like we keep saying, THANK YOU! We could not have come this far if it were not for you, your donations and, most of all, your prayers! Much love to the Linsangan and Santos families for your unwavering support. Hugs and profuse thanks to our grade school, high school, and college buddies, and friends from work who helped encourage us in this trying time.Thank you to mom's doctors: pulmonologist Dr. Larry Tamondong, cardiologist Dr. Eric Pascual, medical nutritionist Dr. Nina Syquia-Sioson, gastroenterologist Dr. Venancio Gloria, and ICU and Critical Care director Dr. Jose Emmanuel Palo, as well as their fellows, residents, the kick-ass nurses and other medical staff. We need to mention mom's neurologist, Dr. Edmundo Saniel--he was not part of the medical team this time, but he's always been very caring of mom (as with his other patients) and has always shown great concern during confinements.Thank you rin po!

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