Updates on Lend a hand to Zuka & Zodja

Update posted by Lysa Baxter On Jun 01

I just wanted to take a second to update and thank you all for you love, support and prayers. Zuka and Zodja continue to travel back and forth to the hospital. Your continued support has help them meet their needs and keep a roof over their heads and for that they are extremely grateful. He has however still been struggling with bills and collectors. He is in urgent need of support. They are at risk of losing their belongings in the next 19 hours. I was hoping to get the word out. If y'all could spread the word, share the fund raiser. You never know what a day or a share can bring right? I need to miracle $380 to help prevent this from happening to them. I strongly believe in the power of positive thoughts and community action so I am holding on to faith here. Again,thank you all for being so wonderfully fabulous and have wonderful day.

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