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Day 4
Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 06

DAY 4 : Shalom Shabbath brothers and sisters . I left Kisumu today as early as 6am and proceeded north. I thought I could find a Shabbath keeping congregation along my path so I moved but found none . At Obonyo I found women washing clothes and I thought it was an opportunity to sow the seed which I did but they refused to take a picture with me . In the near by hospital I prayed for the sick but the hospital refused me to take pictures of the patients but offered me a glass of tea and rather new trouser that I had to change in the washroom oh my it's light and good !!!

I moved north ward to Awasi where I preached to 3 women of this town , Nancy , Dorca and Grace . Further north ward I found two young boys driving a home made car which they allowed me to drive as I narrated the story of Moses to them . Further north my water got finished and I entered to this home and they were very kind to me and they gave me water , I prayed for them and they wished I could stay with them longer .

Downward I moved and before I crossed that small river I stopped and dipped my toes into it to cool , Northward to the hills I lost breath and needed water to drink so i had to rest under this very old tree that this people consider sacred .

Down the hills to the junction I went and the sun is turning orange and brown and the cows are leaving the grazing fields I have to rest for security reasons . But before me I see the expanseveness of the hills that are waiting for me tomorrow but all I know I will change all this for crown one day . Back home it was tears at church , my chair was empty and my absence was greatly felt but it will be well . As you read this update I beseach you to pray for us and if you can please donate to this Noble course and be a blessing to KRCH family ..

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