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Reward for Joshim and Lokman
Update posted by Abdur Razzak On Apr 05

On 28th march a fire attack took place in Banani FR tower. Numerous people died on spot. More than hundred people got injured. To save those people from the fire, nation needed a hero. And the nation got a hero named Joshim along with his partner in crime Lokman. Both of these friends climbed the building and saved a bunch of victims risking their own lives. They deserve huge respect and love. But beside that we have decided to reward them with $10,000 USD. Please help us as much as you can. Let’s set an example by rewarding these unrecognized heroes from Bangladesh who were supposed to be the most recognized!

The video of Lokman’s rescuing the victims -https://youtu.be/9qDhFRykSvo

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