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Spam’s 11th day recovery
Update posted by Camille Colmenares On Apr 06

Suddenly I heard a familliar sound. seemed like scratching the floor and hitting something, i turned around and saw spam he looks like scooby doo doing the “running in place” so in a hurry to chase the cat he saw outside. This burst of energy made us all so happy as we miss it so much.

Spam is Very Strong and Energetic now. It is because of all your donations we can afford to feed him the right food, Give him the right medication, afford to take him to the best vet here who doesnt guess on what to do with Spammy buddy boy.

We found out after check up that his tumor came back. We do not want to operate on him anymore as its not going to help him get stronger. So we are now focused first on increasing his appetite, making him happy and strong. Raising his immunity. When his wounds are better than this week we will take him back for stitch removal. Due to his anemia he had trouble clotting blood. Now its solved, just healing the ointment i put is expensive and we are overwhelmed with all your help, now without hesitation when tube is empty i go straight to the drugstore to buy.. im not afraid of spending for spam’s care because i know you guys got his back.

Ill update you all again tomorrow. Its the first time i discovered this option 😂 spam is doing really well thanks to you guys. Let’s Fight Cancer!

Love,camille and family

—-zzzzz.. im still sleeping havent had a good sleep in years my nose is working! Ohh miss those holes...woopeey doodle doo!

Love spammy boy 🐾🐾🐾


thank God that he’s feeling better now. we pray for his continuous improvement. 🐾🙏🏼🐾 - Mavis & Pocholo

MJ Tapia

Update posted by Apr 07


Way to go Spam ! 🐶💕


Update posted by Apr 06

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