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Posterior Cervical Laminectomy & Fusion surgery - POST-OP Update 5
Update posted by Patrick Franc On May 03

I'm at five weeks post-op today! Just one more week to go before I am freed from wearing my neck collar. I've seen a significant improvement over the past two weeks. No more "sunburn" feeling on my neck, shoulder blades and trapezoids, less tension and stiffness, and more comfortable range of motion.

I've been able to take on some easier household chores like doing dishes. I also continue to walk on my treadmill, or outside if the weather permits, for at least a half hour a day, and up to an hour at times. Aside from my IBS, which is a significant obstacle and quite debilitating at times, my neck surgery recovery is going very well in my estimation.

My neuropathic symptoms in my arms and hands seem to be improving which is reassuring. And my scar is continuing to look better and better each day aside from some redness on either side which, from experience, can take several months to vanish completely. All in all, just good news to report at this time which is lovely!

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