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9200 Calories + Flat Rate Mailer= Intricate Dance
Update posted by Laura Jean Schneider On Mar 23

Folks, I have done it! I managed to sort out the calories needed for 3 plus days—9200—and fit everything in a flat rate padded envelope. After 5 trys. And maybe a few swears.

Mysterious Ziploc substances are as follows, left to right: Powdered coconut milk; chia seeds; hemp seeds; millet and brown rice ramen; roasted garlic and olive oil couscous; dried apples + coconut clusters; dried mangos and coconut flakes; coconut flakes. The tablets (which I removed from the plastic containers) are plant-based electrolytes and superfood greens effervescent tablets to add to my water, 4 of each. Total calories for all here is 9250.

The real challenge: how the heck to get this to fit in here?

First, a shout out to Bill from YouTube, who gave the recommendation to use these flat rate mailing envelopes instead of boxes, and who helped me plan a plant-based backpacking diet. THANKS A MILLION. Here's the link to his very informative video: https://youtu.be/DCG-Jc0p6Ic

While Bill clearly has the system down a little better than I, I DID manage to get the envelope sealed after many many various packing methods.

My dear friend Kalyn has volunteered to be in charge of resupply packs, and I'm planning on mailing thirty in all. That's $240 worth of postage, and an invaluable peace of mind. Many thanks to Brian and Sherry for providing a space for me wrestle chaos, and a bed until I hit the trail the first part of April.


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