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Update posted by Vivi Agustina On Mar 16

Hello everyone!

Wow! We managed to raise almost $1,000 within 10+ days!


Thank you so, sooo much for contributing! This is important - every amount counts. I am sincerely grateful to every one of you.

For those who don't already have a PayPal account, thank you for going through the process of signing up for one. The reason why I did not choose the option of direct credit/debit card deduction is due to the fact that STRIPE (the company that GoGetFunding uses for direct fund deduction) is currently not available in Singapore. I can always sign up for a PayPal Business account which will allow direct fund deduction thru cards, however, that also means that PayPal will take 3.9% + 50 cents out of the contributed amount. GoGetFunding already deducts 2-4%, so I wouldn't want to have any more reduction in the amount that will be contributed.

I hope you guys can understand my rationale for doing so.

Aside to that, we also have people who contributed offline - a total of $127.00 - which I have included in the total raised column.

We're still 30 days away from Clarisse's birthday (15 April), but I am already excited just imagining her reaction alone! 😁

And as I have mentioned, feel free to spread the word around to Clarisse's close friends! We always need that little help around :)

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Till the next update! ❤

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