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Thank you! 52% of target raised!
Update posted by JC Sarmiento On Apr 25

More than 15,000 volunteers would have engaged in close to 2 million conversations all over the country for the Otso Diretso slate, thanks to your help.

By our estimates, we need to raise a little less than P4Million pesos in the remaining 18 days. While we were on track to do so, it seems the Holy Week affected our momentum.

I am hoping you can help us regain our momentum by contributing at least P1,200 today. With this amount from you, we can recruit another 12 volunteers on the ground, who will brave the harsh summer sun to engage and educate more Filipino voters. Every minute now counts as we approach May 13, and I am optimistic that with your help, we can silently but effectively ensure the future of a free, democratic, and independent Philippines.

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