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Update - Pups boarding & process begun!
Update posted by Tracee Cullen On Feb 17

Hi everyone..

So thank you again for your donations..

Although there is a way to go I have enough now for the initial the process to get the offical paperwork, bloods that have to be sent to UK and pet passport - this process has begun with the Dr/vet.

This will take some time as expected.. in the meantime I have found a lovely caring place to board these pups whilst I am not here which gives them the freedom to run in lovely gardens and live in a home environment it is £140 per month which is in addition to this funding page.

After this process is complete.. and they are allowed to travel.. all being well in June I can then look at the funding to see how close we are to bringing them back.. if not they will be boarding or with me when I am here until this is possible.

This also gives me the oppotunity to raise funding through events etc in the UK to help assist this process.

If anyone is able/wanted to hold a fundraising event to contribute then please let me know as this would also be grately appriciated and any monies raised can be added to this page manually as I have already done when people have given me money directly.

Thank you again.. PLEASE SHARE and tell people about this to help raise awareness.

Namaste, Tracee.xx🙏🐕🐕

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