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Update - The paperwork begins..
Update posted by Tracee Cullen On Feb 06

Hi everyone,

Thank you to all that have donated and also those who have shared this link, or told others about Pumba & Nala's Journey..

In a couple of days I will be meeting with the Vet who deals with the paperwork for this to happen. This really is the main cost for this journey as weirdly the flights and vaccines are not so much.

It is therefore essential that the funding page is reaching more people and continuing to achieve a steady growth for this to happen.

Please can you all share this with as many as you can think of that will resonate and support in some way.. even if not financial but to make others aware.. it all helps.. and we are these pups voice!

Once in the UK they would love to meet you all to show their appreciation!

I will of course keep all receipts and log all expenses to make sure tgat everyone that donated can get

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