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Update As of July 2019
Update posted by Maridel Barrogo On Aug 20

Hello Everyone and to my Family & Friends,

My name is Zaldy Doel Barrogo Santos, 28 years old. I was a resident of UAE for 5 years. During the second quarter of 2018, I’ve been in and out of the hospital because of my unstable blood pressure. It was so high for my age according to my doctor and he can’t tell me why. It was December of 2018 after a series of lab tests (CT Scan, MRI, 2D Echo,& Kidney Biopsy) when I was finally diagnosed of “Chronic Kidney Disease” or “kidney/renal failure”. I was devastated when I was told by the Nephrologist that both my kidneys aren’t functioning right anymore. Hemo-dialysis and kidney transplant are the only options for me.

I started my first dialysis session last December 19, 2018. It has to be done two times a week at NMC Hospital-Al Nahda. The dialysis fee is 800AED per session so I have to produce 1600AED a week to stay alive. Unfortunately, my medical insurance does not cover this kind of treatment so I really need to pay in cash. My family tried to help me but their resources are also limited. Last March of this year, I can only manage to pay for one session of dialysis in a week because I cannot afford it anymore. Another obstacle is that the doctor is advising me to have my Temporary jugular catheter on my neck to be removed and have an AV Fistula in my arm so as to avoid infection and not to mention that it is already starting to “leak”. I was told at the hospital that it will cost me around 12,000.AED to do that.

As of now, July 2019, I am in the Philippines, hospitalization here is much cheaper compare to Dubai. The GOOD NEWS is that, I finally have my AV fistula in my arm, and attending my Hemo-Dialysis session 3x a week. Literally every other day for 4-hours i am in the hospital. I am already financially drained and I honestly don’t know where and how to get the money for my next dialysis session.

I still don’t want to give up. I know that there is still a fighting chance for me to live a normal life. I’m fervently praying that you will extend your help to me. I’m keeping my hopes high and will be forever greatful for any help that you can give. Thank you! And may you continue to be God’s instrument to help others.


Zaldy Doel Barrogo Santos

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