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EC Trainees Forest Grows On!
Update posted by Radek Oborny On May 13

Dear friends, sponsors and followers

It has been a while since our last update. The spring has arrived and the trees planted in the winter in Gontrode have started budding and growing. According to Pascal from BOS+ all the trees survived the planting and will very likely develop into a full blown forest!

We're also glad that the idea of the Trainees Forest has been taken up by the new batch of trainees.

You can support their project here! https://gogetfunding.com/eu-tree-planting/

In less than two weeks, the elections to the European Parliament are here. Don't forget to cast your vote and consider, what your party DID, DOES and WILL DO for the protection of our environment and climate.


Your sincere tree-lovers,

Stefanie, Simon and Radek.

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