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Well that hurt...... can’t walk great
Update posted by Glenn Monaghan On Sep 24

Well that hurt...... can’t walk great yesterday and today. But it was worth every painful step, we’ve raised over $3000 so far. I’ve no doubt that I’d of pulled out after 120km or so, if it wasn’t for this great cause and everyone’s amazing support. My right knee and achilles where extremely painful, every step on the uneven ground soon became unbearable. It’s at this stage I’d especially like to thank my pacers Mickey, Andy Ann who we’re amazing at keeping in moving (Sorry I wasn’t great company guys) and my totally amazing, awesome, words can’t describe the kindness she made off wife.... Louise👏👏👏👏 for driving from point to point to feed me, take care of me, tell me keep moving, help me into the car at the end, up the steps to the room.... trust me the list goes on and I think I’d the easy part of the day.

The challenge ahead is now to complete the 200 miler!!!! In February 2019. Now keep in mind I could barely walk after the 100 miler yesterday so to double it seems unlikely, some might say a streached target🤨🤨.

I know almost everyone I know has donated money at this stage (your all so kind) I’ve also no right to ask but here goes anyway..... please please please can we get a few people that have possibly been affected with Dementia or Alzheimer’s or are just awesome fundraiser to join the cause. To come up with ideas for a couple events.... I know people are busy with their lives, it’s a pain in the ass(trust me I’d a pain in the ass after 100km of rubbing) however it’s nothing to having to live with the thought off... Oh shit I’ve just been diagnosed with Dementia, the fear of losing the not only your memories of your whole life, but the fear losing your love ones faces....

$10000 is the new target..... that’s another $7000 in just over 4 months. We need your help, people and families living with Dementia need your help..... please you know you want to.

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