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Withdrawal and Rumi
Update posted by Natasa Stojanovic On Jul 06

I just withdrew the full amount. This website got some percentage, as well as paypal.... After that, around 100€ is left. Paypal withdrawals can take around a week or so plus I won't be in the country next week, so as soon as I get it and pay the debt, I'll update this. I'll post the photos/screenshots and everything.

Also....last Thursday morning, Rumi had to be rushed to the vet since his paws were cold, his abdomen dark red, he didn't want to eat, was coughing a bit....He passed away that night at the vet. Not in a million years did I think his condition would lead to death. I arrived home just a day before that (my mom had been taking care of him) and was planning to take him to the vet since those hematomas weren't getting better at all.
Needless to say, I'm still in shock and heartbroken. I miss that little one so much. After thinking that whole Friday what to do with his body, we decided to cremate him. I should get his urn tomorrow (Saturday) with a few words engraved. Now that I'm writing about this, I'm getting miserable again.... He didn't deserve to go so soon. He wasn't a young dog but was supposed to get better and have official owners after that....
I'm sorry, buddy. I hope you didn't suffer much for those 5 months you spent sleeping on something soft, with no need to worry about being hungry and cold. I'm sorry if you had been in pain and I didn't recognize it. I'm trying not to blame myself, but it's so hard.
Rest in peace, little one. You'll be forever in my heart.

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