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New Reward for Donating!
Update posted by Hannah Jacobsen On Jun 28

There is officially less than 100 days to donate to Sensit Marketplace! To keep the momentum going, if you donate the minimum amount ($1) I will create for you a business mention, complete with image(s) of your product, a tidbit about your business that you provide me with, and a link to the shop. If you don't have a business, a friend or family member's business can be promoted as well! The mention will be posted on Sensit's FB Page and Instagram page. Please either add your e-mail address after your name when you make the donation (you can set your name to anonymous so that your e-mail will be hidden from the world), or send an e-mail to me at [email protected], so that I can get in touch with you and get the info I need to make your business mention).

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