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Update posted by Mary Jennifer Lao On Jul 01

Hey guys! I already undergone AV Fistula Creation last June 29th. I am currently healing and strengthening (stress ball exercises) my AV Fistula. The pain is tolerable though its kinda challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position since I cannot put any pressure on it and I still have the IJ Catheter on my neck. Thanks you all for the support! :)


Its been a while since I posted an update. Unfortunately, I cant find the update button T_______T. I hope I can figure this out soon. I had been doing well but of course there are days that are not so perfect either. I still go on with my regular dialysis sessions twice a week and do my other obligations here at home. Taking medications and injecting erythropoeitin have been a routine as well. I am still glad and lucky to be still living with caring friends, family and even online friends who are willing to help. Thank you so much.

Mary Jennifer Lao

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