Updates on “ANN” – new album Ex Libris (ft. Dianne v Giersbergen)

Final new perk/reward!!! The "Acoustic Living Room Concert"!
Update posted by Ex Libris On Jul 07

Have you checked in on yesterday's live stream? If you did then you have heared our silly "thank you sweet supporters" songs, but you might also have noticed that Dianne and Bob performing together in an acoustic setting is actually pretty pretty!

Now then! Today we would like to present you our final perk for this crowdfunding campaign and of course we've deceide to go out with a BANG!! And so we present you the "Acoustic Living Room Concert"-perk!!

If you would you be willing to support us with purchasing this unique perk than you will have Dianne van Giersbergen and Bob Wijtsma:

  • performing the Ex Libris favourties
  • performing their own favourite cover songs
  • ánd... a song by your own choosing!!

and all in a 60min set, in the comfort of your own living room! So, what are you waiting for!? Purchase the perk, set the date, invite your familiy and friend and give yourself an evening that you will never forget!

Click here to go to the check-out page of this perk!

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