Updates on “ANN” – new album Ex Libris (ft. Dianne v Giersbergen)

New perk/reward: The "Ex Libris Red - Bass Guitar Statement Necklace"!
Update posted by Ex Libris On Jun 28

You might have seen Dianne wearing this necklace already in yesterday's live stream ánd you might have wondered already how to get your hands on it... well the answer is: right here in our crowdfunding campaign!

Only 2 items are available of this "Ex Libris Red - Bass Guitar Statement Necklace"! The design is fashioned out of bass guitar strings donated by our bass player Luuk van Gerven and created by our singer Dianne van Giersbergen for her jewelry brand called Precious Metal.

So... what do you say?
Price of the necklace is €85,= excl shipment costs.

Think about that hey...
Makes for a nice gift as well ;)

Click here to directly purchase this unique necklace!

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