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One-way English Channel has been swum and two-way attempted
Update posted by Chun Kong Mak On Jul 07

Rostislav Vitek has reached the French shore after 9hr43min tough swim fighting with the tide. 43.2km has been swum. The wind speed was only 3 knots in the beginning of the swim. The wind speed kept increasing over the way, which was not up to the weather forecast by the pilot. When reaching the French shore, the wind got 5 times stronger than before ie. 15 knots. It wasn’t possible for him to swim the way back to England unfortunately under the tough condition. Only a calm water condition over 16-20 hours can allow to complete two-way English Channel and it could happen once only every 2-3 years. The difficulty of swimming English Channel is that an appointment must be made 3-4 years in advanced and it isn't possible to have the weather predicted. This is open water swimming and weather is the first factor. It would be risky for life safety especially for the heart to swim the way back under the harsh condition. We still give high respect and admiration to this big man to complete the one-way English Channel in wavy condition.


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