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Update posted by DeadFish Encodes On May 07

With so many complications on the other crowdfunding site. We decided that the best thing for us to do was to move forward to another solution. Granted we liked the features presented on the other site. Yet the Customer Service was horrid that we never actually received. Every 2 or 3 contributions the account would stall out. Thus we decided to head in a direction that we hope would prove to be more promising.

We subtracted the amount we earned from the prior donations from the previous site. To the amount you notice now. Once again thank you to everyone who has followed us this far, and thank you for continuing to support us. You have no idea as to how much your generosity and dedication to our cause truly means to us. Without all of you we would not still be here. Thus thank you for riding it out with us through this journey. Through all of our trials and Tribulations. Hopefully we can hit our goal once again and get right back on track.

We Love You All =)

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