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Update posted by Tannice Hemming On May 07
I've hired a Medela Symphony breast pump as the Calypso breast pump that I hired dorm the Salvation Army is sounding like it's on its last legs. When at Medway Maritime hospital I was provided with this pump. We were ordered to the hospital so quickly I had little opportunity to gather together what was required to achieve the aims of EBF and so hoped the hospital would supply me with a pump. However, the pump arrived without the medela collection kit - it only had Ameda parts. The Medela kit was not found until the next day and my first opportunity to use it was 1:30pm on the day of discharge. Thankfully we'd had the foresight to bring one bag of expressed milk we had and, worried about the facilities available, having never been admitted to the hospital before. We wanted to avoid wasting precious milk. Especially since Pembury hospital misplaced my harvested colostrum when we went when I was in labour with Sienna. This was one of the reasons that she was supplemented from day one as I was forbidden to breastfeed by Pembury as the hypoglycaemia results (I had gestational diabetes in that pregnancy) depended on feeding at set times. Difficult to do when you have a sleepy baby with tongue tie (hence the essential need to express colostrum antenatally, which I had done diligently for weeks, three times a day). This is one of the reasons why Rousseau's EBF status is so important to me. The Medela Synphony is amazing and I kept the collection kit from Medway since they would not be able to use them again once opened. This might mean some of the £47 for 14 days' hire will be refunded. I've put it on my already stretched credit card hoping that the crowdfunder might allow some of that to be paid off. If not I will have to try to get some freelance work (I'm a writer and marketing consultant) but this might prove difficult! Being self-employed is difficult! I've already looked into a great agency called 10-2 which might allow distance flexible work. I need some time to update my CV and Linked In.
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